The veggie Whopper: how did Unilever and Burger King’s strategy begin?

Gustavo Acuña

Operations Director

The partnership began in 2020 to provide vegan burgers on the menu.

Burger King announced the «Whopper Vegetal» in style on Monday, January 23, 2023. This new proposal would have a healthier burger, based on soy meat, wheat, vegetable oil and grilled herbs, pickles, onion and tomato, its price is S/14.90.

Photo taken from Burger King's Facebook profile.

Photo taken from Burger King’s Facebook profile.

Today we are witnessing a healthier lifestyle trend from fitness chains to vegan menus. So this was the precise moment for the fast food establishment to look for an ally and capture the attention of a new niche. And so came Unilever, a company dedicated to food, cosmetics and cleaning products.

At the end of 2020, Unilever closed a deal with Burger King for its plant-based burgers to be produced with Vegetarian Butcher patties, a company acquired by Unilever in 2019. Analysts at Barclays, a financial services company, predict that vegan meat will become a US $140 billion market over the next decade.

But how did foodies receive this news? Well, sentiment on Burger King Peru’s Instagram account is divided. While it is meat that does not come from an animal, also customers, the majority, identifying themselves as vegan, are demanding gluten-free cheese and purely plant-based mayonnaise.

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