Marketing effectiveness through emotions

Gustavo Acuña

Operations Director

Neuromarketing shows that positive feelings move consumers.

The purchase of the product or service is the clearest evidence that the marketing campaign achieved its objective. The key is to capture the attention and persuade the consumer. This is how neuromarketing plays a very important role in the creation of campaigns.

The marketing that prevails over time is that which is memorable, easily identifiable and engaging without being invasive. However, we must remember that each person is individual and is impacted in different ways. What is the formula for connection?

According to Neuromarketing, it proves that the marketing with the most favorable results is the one that activates positive emotions and moves the consumer. There is a story behind the product that appeals to happiness, security, belonging, nostalgia, success, overcoming, among others.

Our brain awakens a part called the amygdala responsible for processing emotions. That is why one of the slogans we remember the most is the Coca Cola slogan that says: «Open happiness», and every time we say: «Everything is going to be alright», we automatically think of the Rimac Seguros song.

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