Google E-A-T revamps its search system

Gustavo Acuña

Operations Director

Google has added an additional E to its search system that reflects the experience users will have.

Browsing the Google homepage is a very common thing for Internet users. Today, the giant U.S. company increased its search efficiency and positioning for users.

Google knows that we live in a fierce competition in the digital business and added an E as a symbol of experience when performing a search as if it were a product, because when we find that information we need so much, we value it as if it were pure gold.

So, the new EAT search system will evaluate whether the information provided is of quality and useful. It is essential that the content is reliable and truthful for users in their own language and geographic location.

What does E-A-T-E mean? Now with the new E, it is divided into four concepts:

  • Expertise: Evaluation of the content creator’s knowledge on the topics he/she is dealing with.
  • Authoritativeness: Authority, it is evaluated if the content creator is a reference source on the subject he is dealing with.
  • Trust: Evaluate to what extent a page is safe, and has reliable and contrasted information.
  • Experience: Enjoyment in the search action.

Definitely, Google never ceases to amaze us with its technology update, especially when a new world of artificial intelligence is approaching. As content creators we must be updated for what is to come and iterate with our teams.

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