Neuromarketing shows that positive feelings move consumers.

The purchase of the product or service is the clearest evidence that the marketing campaign achieved its objective. The key is to capture the attention and persuade the consumer. This is how neuromarketing plays a very important role in the creation of campaigns.

The marketing that prevails over time is that which is memorable, easily identifiable and engaging without being invasive. However, we must remember that each person is individual and is impacted in different ways. What is the formula for connection?

According to Neuromarketing, it proves that the marketing with the most favorable results is the one that activates positive emotions and moves the consumer. There is a story behind the product that appeals to happiness, security, belonging, nostalgia, success, overcoming, among others.

Our brain awakens a part called the amygdala responsible for processing emotions. That is why one of the slogans we remember the most is the Coca Cola slogan that says: «Open happiness», and every time we say: «Everything is going to be alright», we automatically think of the Rimac Seguros song.

Google has added an additional E to its search system that reflects the experience users will have.

Browsing the Google homepage is a very common thing for Internet users. Today, the giant U.S. company increased its search efficiency and positioning for users.

Google knows that we live in a fierce competition in the digital business and added an E as a symbol of experience when performing a search as if it were a product, because when we find that information we need so much, we value it as if it were pure gold.

So, the new EAT search system will evaluate whether the information provided is of quality and useful. It is essential that the content is reliable and truthful for users in their own language and geographic location.

What does E-A-T-E mean? Now with the new E, it is divided into four concepts:

  • Expertise: Evaluation of the content creator’s knowledge on the topics he/she is dealing with.
  • Authoritativeness: Authority, it is evaluated if the content creator is a reference source on the subject he is dealing with.
  • Trust: Evaluate to what extent a page is safe, and has reliable and contrasted information.
  • Experience: Enjoyment in the search action.

Definitely, Google never ceases to amaze us with its technology update, especially when a new world of artificial intelligence is approaching. As content creators we must be updated for what is to come and iterate with our teams.

Metrics will be obtained for a greater reach in the production of content, leaving behind the number of followers.

Artificial intelligence will be the main working tool for content creators collaborating with major brands. There is evidence that influencer marketing yields positive results when you want to make your brand known, especially when it is small.

How will AI work for influencers? They will focus more on the creativity of their campaigns, since the administration and organization part will be solved by technology. It will even be possible to generate immediate contracts without the presence of a lawyer or the App Notion Al that has the ability to create scripts and filming.

Marketing recruiters will also apply AI to select the right influencers for their campaigns and check the reach with users on different social networks. The number of followers, comments and likes will be left behind.

However, not all of it is good news around AI, because it could replace the personal connection between brands and influencers, that is, the ethics of who is selling the product behind the screen will be omitted.

The partnership began in 2020 to provide vegan burgers on the menu.

Burger King announced the «Whopper Vegetal» in style on Monday, January 23, 2023. This new proposal would have a healthier burger, based on soy meat, wheat, vegetable oil and grilled herbs, pickles, onion and tomato, its price is S/14.90.

Photo taken from Burger King's Facebook profile.

Photo taken from Burger King’s Facebook profile.

Today we are witnessing a healthier lifestyle trend from fitness chains to vegan menus. So this was the precise moment for the fast food establishment to look for an ally and capture the attention of a new niche. And so came Unilever, a company dedicated to food, cosmetics and cleaning products.

At the end of 2020, Unilever closed a deal with Burger King for its plant-based burgers to be produced with Vegetarian Butcher patties, a company acquired by Unilever in 2019. Analysts at Barclays, a financial services company, predict that vegan meat will become a US $140 billion market over the next decade.

But how did foodies receive this news? Well, sentiment on Burger King Peru’s Instagram account is divided. While it is meat that does not come from an animal, also customers, the majority, identifying themselves as vegan, are demanding gluten-free cheese and purely plant-based mayonnaise.