AI will increase the effectiveness of influencers with brands

Gustavo Acuña

Operations Director

Metrics will be obtained for a greater reach in the production of content, leaving behind the number of followers.

Artificial intelligence will be the main working tool for content creators collaborating with major brands. There is evidence that influencer marketing yields positive results when you want to make your brand known, especially when it is small.

How will AI work for influencers? They will focus more on the creativity of their campaigns, since the administration and organization part will be solved by technology. It will even be possible to generate immediate contracts without the presence of a lawyer or the App Notion Al that has the ability to create scripts and filming.

Marketing recruiters will also apply AI to select the right influencers for their campaigns and check the reach with users on different social networks. The number of followers, comments and likes will be left behind.

However, not all of it is good news around AI, because it could replace the personal connection between brands and influencers, that is, the ethics of who is selling the product behind the screen will be omitted.

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